Endurance T10 HRC Light Treadmill

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Product Description

To get an optimum workout, it is important to properly pace your program. You want your heart rate at the precise intensity level for an extended period of time. If your heart rate gets too high, your activity can become counterproductive. If it is too low, you are not getting substantial health benefits.

That is why one of the most effective methods for fitness training is through monitoring and controlling your heart rate. This is particularly true when striving for cardiovascular goals. Whether you want to shed a few pounds, train for a marathon, or just feel good about yourself, heart rate training and control can optimize your workout.

The Endurance T10HRC comes equipped with Heart Rate Contacts as well as a Heart Rate Control Chest Strap. The Heart Rate Control Strap sends your heart rate information to the console for processing.The automatic adjustment helps ensure that a trainee gets the maximum benefit from each session; it takes the guesswork out of judging when to speed up or slow down.


Compare the features of the Endurance T10, and you'll discover how quality components, precision engineering, state-of-the-art electronics and the best warranty in the industry combine to make Endurance the premier name in home cardio fitness.

Treadmill Features:

  • Rigid Steel Frame Construction: Heavy-duty 2" x 3" and 2" by 4" steel frame construction delivers a rock-solid platform for hardcore cardio workouts. The Endurance T3 is built to withstand constant pounding and jarring.
  • Lifetime Tread belt and Shock Absorbent, Low Maintenance Deck: Unlike other brands, Endurance tread belts are guaranteed for life. Plus, our ultra low maintenance phenolic deck employs a SRS (Suspended Running Surface) design supported by a multi-point shock absorption system. What this means is that your knees, hips, ankles and feet will feel comfortable, even during long marathon sessions.
  • Extra Thick and Durable Tread Belt: Multi-ply tread belts are fusion-seamed for strength, flexibility and smooth travel over the phenolic deck. Unlike other brands, Endurance tread belts are guaranteed for life.
  • Powerful Motor: Endurance motors are designed to exceed horsepower and performance standards for home-use treadmills. Each motor is protected by P.W.M. (Pulse Width Modulation) technology and air-cooled for efficient performance. The integrated circuit breaker protects the motor and control boards from power surges.
  • Bright LED Displays: Bright displays let you monitor your running track and provide you with constant feedback on your workout, including heart rate, elevation, time, distance, speed and calories burned.
  • Large Diameter Crowned Rollers: Casehardened steel rollers feature a large diameter design with a wide-radius crown to drastically decrease wear, substantially increase surface contact and provide superior belt tracking.
  • Safety Key Stop System: Endurance treadmills will only operate when the safety key is engaged on the control panel. This gives you the ability to instantly shut down operation if you need to.
  • Quiet Performance: The Endurance Poly-V Belt Drive System delivers an amazingly quiet workout experience, allowing you to watch TV or read a book without being distracted by machine noise.

Treadmill Programs:

The T10HRC features preset programs including endurance, Running, Interval, Cardiovascular, Walking, Custom Learner, Distance, Calories, Time, Manual, Fat Burn, and Heart Rate Control featuring a HRC Chest Strap for accurate measurement. The T10  lets you know where you stand with multiple read-out screens and more than enough information to keep you going.

  • Manual (Includes Set-Time, Set-Calorie, Set-Distance) The Manual workout let's you control the effort. Change your effort level and speed to challenge yourself. Press the Start button and you're working out instantly.
  • Set Time (Manual Workout with Time Goal) Set the duration of your workout and get to it! The count down of the time goal is displayed in the Main window and keeps you motivated.
  • Set Calorie (Manual Workout with Calorie Goal) Need to burn off that milkshake? Set the number of calories and get to work. Watch as you burn off calorie after calorie.
  • Set Distance (Manual Workout with Distance Goal) Training for your marathon? Increase your endurance by gradually increasing your distance.
  • Custom Learn (1 & 2) Do you like to work hard in the beginning of your workout and coast towards the end? Or do you like an easy warm-up and  gradually increase the effort level? Create your perfect workout with the Custom Learn workout.
  • Walking Courses (3) The walking courses add a lower degree of effort to your workout but are still very beneficial. Low impact with high results.
  • Running Courses (3) Let the treadmill create a challenging workout for you! After entering your weight, the Manual workout will be selected.
  • Cardio 15-Minutes The first step to a healthier heart! A workout profile to raise your heart rate to a higher level effectively helping your heart become stronger.
  • Interval 20-Minutes Want a slightly greater challenge? Tone-up and continue your exercise regiment with the Interval 20 Minute workout. The Interval 20 Minute workout has eleven sessions. The first session is the Warm-Up and the eleventh session is the Cool-Down.
  • Fat Burn 25-Minutes Really get into the zone! Raise your heart rate to the proper level and use the duration to burn away! Twenty-five minutes to really feel the progress.The Fat Burn 25 Minute workout has thirteen sessions.
  • Endurance 30-Minutes The ULTIMATE workout! Build your endurance and feel the burn! The Endurance 30 Minute workout has thirteen sessions.
  • Heart Rate Control Choose your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) for proper control of your workout!

Treadmill Specifications:

  • Programs: Endurance, Running, Interval, Cardiovascular, Walking, Custom Learner, Distance, Calories, Time, Manual, Fat Burn, and Heart Rate
  • Feedback: Heart Rate, Elevation, Time, Distance,Speed, and Calories
  • Heart Rate Technology: Heart Rate Control with Telemetric with strap
  • Cool Down Mode: yes
  • Display: Profile Matrix LED
  • Safety Key Stop System: yes
  • Accessory Holder: CD/MP3 & Water Bottle
  • Speed: .5 to 10 mph
  • Elevation: 0% to 15%
  • Motor: 3.0 HP Continuous Duty, 8.4 HP Peak Duty
  • Motor Control: Club-rated Digital Concepts P.W.M. with fuseless current limit and dynamic short circuit protection
  • Deck: 18mm pre-waxed phenolic
  • Shock Absorption: 6-point deck suspension
  • Running Area: 20" x 60"
  • Frame: Heavy-Gauge welded steel with textured powder coat finish.
  • Rollers: Extra-large 2.5" Crowned
  • Deck: 18mm pre-waxed phenolic
  • Treadbelt: High Density 2-ply urethane
  • Floor Space: 32"W x 77"D x 57"H
  • Max User Weight: 330 lbs.
  • Power Requirements: 120V US

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