Cybex Overview


Voted one of the best new fitness machines of the new millennium, largely for the amazing workout it offers, the Cybex 620A Lower Body Arc Trainer is the perfect machine for those seeking a new style of workout that truly focuses on the muscles of the lower body. Built to be used in both commercial and home gyms, the Lower Body Arc Trainer offers a three-pronged approach to lower body fitness, acting as a climber, a cross-trainer and cross country skier all in one. Together these motions help users train everything from their quads to their calves, without putting any undue stress on the joints of the lower body as some other machines are known to do.

The independent floating pedal mechanism of the Cybex 620A Lower Body Arc Trainer enables the machine to adapt to the user’s movements, and the comfortable pedal straps keep the feet locked into place for extra security. The machine features a front drive, 2-belt drive system that is quiet and fluid at all speeds, and the Eddy Current braking system can literally stop the machine on a dime. There are a total of 101 fine-tuned resistance settings on the machine, generating between 1 watt and 900 watts of power, thus making it perfect for users of all skill and ability levels. Users are able to change resistance levels on the fly with just a push of a button, without losing any pertinent fitness data.

There are 7 pre-programmed workouts built into the Cybex 620A Lower Body Arc Trainer. Designed by experts, these challenging programs include a Quick Start and a Manual Setting, a heart rate-based weight loss regimen, a cardio workout, a hill-climbing course, a strength training program and an interval style program that combines each of the machine’s three independent movements to create a muscle shocking workout program that truly gets results.

What’s in the box

  • Refurbished Cybex 620A Lower Body Arc Trainer (Partially Assembled)
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Assembly Instructions
  • AC Power Cord
  • * Check dimensions to ensure deliverable