Stages Overview


The Schwinn Johnny G Elite Group Cycling Bike is an exercise machine made for users of all skill and ability levels, as evidenced by its amazing versatility and easy-to-use functions. The stationary cycle, made from a name everyone can trust, includes a padded, fully adjustable seat that is contoured to reduce air flow and improve performance. Designed for riders of all sizes, the seat can be adjusted from 23 inches to 36 inches. And although the bike weighs just a shade over 100 pounds, its sturdy heavy-gauge steel frame enables it to accommodate fitness enthusiasts up to 300 pounds in weight. Developed thanks to a partnership between the Schwinn Corporation and the fitness guru Johnny Goldberg, this bike truly sets the standard in modern spinning cycles.

Used the world over in commercial gyms and spinning studios, the Schwinn Johnny G Elite Group Cycling Bike is designed to be a trusted part of your fitness arsenal. The comfort-grip handlebars with rubber grips, biometrically designed to ensure the most beneficial riding posture, are also fully adjustable. The stainless steel pop-pins on the bike enable users to adjust the handlebars both up and down and side to side to accommodate for height and riding preference. The bike boasts a sturdy 38 pound flywheel that is fully covered on all sides to prevent injury. And the two dozen fine-tuned levels of resistance, which gradually increase the tension of the ride, makes it perfect for riders at all stages of their fitness journey.

Completely self-powered, the Schwinn Johnny G Elite Group Cycling Bike can fit anywhere in your commercial or home gym without you having to worry about “plug-in” electrical power. Best of all, its small footprint, along with the welded front wheels, make it easy to move the bike from one location to the next.

What’s in the box

  • Refurbished Schwinn Johnny G Elite Group Cycling Bike (Partially Assembled)
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Assembly Instructions
  • AC Power Cord
  • * Check dimensions to ensure deliverable