Stair Overview


The Stairmaster 7000PT Stepmill C40B provides a superior cardiovascular workout while also strengthening, shaping and toning the muscles of the glutes and lower body. Made of the finest steel, the stepper is able to accommodate users up to 300 pounds, and includes front-mounted wheels for worry-free portability. The treads of the Stairmaster are exceedingly tactile and non-slip. And the convenient hand rails—both in the front of the machine and down both sides—help to support and stabilize fitness enthusiasts as they workout. The 7000PT has a low 8 inch fixed step height, and a stepping speed rate that ranges from 24 steps per minute to a whopping 162 steps per minute. This versatility makes the machine ideal for users of all skill and ability levels.

There are nine pre-installed workouts on the Stairmaster 7000PT Stepmill C40B. These intelligently-designed workout options include a Quick Start function—great for starting one’s workout while programming the machine; a Manual mode, in which users can create their own workout session by entering in a few key pieces of information; a fat-burning workout, which aims to keep steppers focused on their target heart rate; Speed interval programs; a calorie burning function that provides an awesome aerobic workout; the patented Heart Rate Zone Trainer program; and several fitness tests, including the popular and very effective CPAT Fire Fit Test—the same program used by firefighting agencies to measure the fitness of their workers. Each of these workouts can be further customized by turning up or turning down the 20 fine-tuned levels of resistance.

The Stairmaster 7000PT Stepmill C40B includes a large LED touch screen for selecting one’s workout. This monitor also keeps track of many independent fitness statistics, such as distance traveled, steps per minute, pace, heart rate and calories burned, among others. The built-in water bottle holders are also great for keeping a cool beverage close at hand during the workout.

What’s in the box

  • Used StairMaster 7000PT StepMill C40B (Partially Assembled)
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Assembly Instructions
  • AC Power Cord
  • * Check dimensions to ensure deliverable