Explore career opportunities at Mastery Fitness!  Our company is growing and we're searching for top talent to help further our mission.  If you are not just looking for "a job", but looking for a company to grow alongside, read on to learn more about our core values. Every employee is accountable for upholding the Mastery Fitness brand.


Personal Growth

We encourage and support each other. We're willing and excited to learn - if we don’t know something, we are not embarrassed, we do not get defensive. No one knows everything. We ask for help, or find a course to sign up for. (We have tuition reimbursement for this very reason!).


We are perceptive. If we something looks wrong, we say something. We own up to our mistakes. We can only succeed if the whole team puts the company first. There is no judgement at Mastery Fitness. The person who catches a mistake we made is a hero of the company.


Remember that not everyone perceives words & actions the same way. We consider things from others’ perspectives, and look at the bigger picture. Our background and experiences that have led us all here differ vastly. Clear communication is key in resolving conflicts.

Social Impact

As a for-profit business, we feel it imperative to make a positive difference in the world. Given the state of current environmental issues, we also feel it is an ethical obligation to try and do what we can for the planet.


We are open to, and invite, feedback. We are always seeking ways to improve; We do not take feedback personally. On the flip side, when providing feedback, we do so in a constructive way. We are all learning.

Reliability / Consistency

We take pride in our work - we’re not here to do a job, we are here because we want to see our team and the company succeed. We at Mastery Fitness want to let our products & services speak for themselves.

If this vibes with you, please check out the open roles we have below! 


E-Commerce Manager (Gardena, CA)

Administrative Assistant (Gardena, CA)

Business Analyst Intern (Gardena, CA)

Marketing Intern (Gardena, CA)